Playing Ability Test Information


  • Registrations are taken in order of receipt at the PGA of America National Office and through There is a 30 day registration deadline for every PAT and an individual may be registered for only two PATs at any one time. The registration fee, paid at the time of registration, is $100 for each PAT and the registrant is responsible for all additional on-site fees.
  • Those who are employed in a capacity that gives them eligible employment or are registered PGA/PGM University students may register for a PAT at any time prior to the 30 day registration deadline.. Those not meeting this eligibility criteria may only register within the fourteen (14) days prior to the 30 day registration deadline.
  • If it is found that an individual registered more than fourteen (14) days prior to the registration deadline and did not meet the above eligibility criteria, that individual will be suspended for two years from taking a PAT. If the individual has already played in the PAT, the score will be null and void.
  • For schedule information or to register with a MasterCard, Visa or American Express click here or call (800) 474-2776

Waiting List Policy

  • If a PAT becomes full before the deadline date, a wait list will be established. At the registration deadline a wait list report including the wait list registrants in order of registration is sent to the Section Office. To determine your wait list status, you may contact the PGA National Office prior to the deadline and the Section Office after the deadline. If there are any late cancellations or no shows the day of play, the Section will fill any remaining spots from the wait list, in wait list order, from those who present themselves on site. If a spot does not become available off the wait list, an individual should contact the PGA National Office to have the fees transferred to another available PAT or have funds refunded.


  • There are no transfers or refunds from a PAT inside the 30 day registration deadline unless it is a cancellation after passing a previous 36-hole PAT (this does not include meeting the 18 hole minimum PAT requirement) or off a wait list. An individual who passes the 36-hole PAT and is signed up for another, must contact the PGA National Office at (800) 474-2776, within three business days of passing the 36-hole PAT to have the funds refunded. A competitor who is unable to participate in a PAT and does not notify the PGA National and Section Office at least 72 hours prior to the PAT, will be suspended from playing in another PAT for 90 days.
  • A competitor who withdraws during play or no cards (does not complete and submit a card for two 18 hole rounds) will be suspended from competing in another PAT for 90 days from the date of that PAT. If a competitor is signed up for another PAT within the 90 day suspension period, that individual will be canceled from that PAT and the funds will be refunded.
  • An individual who cancels, withdraws or no cards due to injury or illness may submit medical documentation to the PGA National Office no later than three business days following the PAT for review for refund and/or waiver of suspension.
  • If a PAT is canceled due to not meeting the minimum registrations, you will be notified by the PGA National Office. If a PAT is canceled due to weather, you should contact the Section Office.

Dress Code

  • Female participants must wear slacks, culottes, walking shorts, or golf skirts which constitute acceptable clothing worn by women in connection with participation in professional golf tournaments. Male participants must wear slacks and participants shall not wear shorts anywhere on club property. Jeans are not to be considered slacks.

The Competition

  • Men shall play from tees at least 6000 yards in length with a minimum USGA course rating of 68.
  • Women shall play from tees at least 5500 yards and at a maximum of 5700 yards. Participants must have been born female in order to play from the women's tees.
  • Target score is determined by multiplying the USGA course rating by two (2) and adding fifteen strokes. (After multiplying, any remaining fraction is dropped)


  • A breach of the following Automotive Golf Car Rules may subject a player to a penalty under the applicable Rule in the USGA Rules of Golf: A golf car is part of the player's equipment. When one golf car is shared by two players, the golf car and everything in it are deemed to be the equipment of the player whose ball is involved except that, when the golf car is being moved by one of the players, the golf car and everything in it are deemed to be the equipment of that player. To "prevent scouting", a player or players using a car may not drive the car past the ball until all shots have been played to the green. "Past the ball" is deemed to be past the nearest ball to the green. If the players drive slightly past the ball in search of a lost ball, this is not considered past the ball. Subject to undue delay penalty (Rule 6-7). The PGA Tournament Director is authorized to impose penalties consisting of a fine of $100 for the first offense, a fine of $150 for the second offense, and suspension from the tournament play for the third offense for any of the following violations:
  • A player's clubs must be transported on a golf car. Only players will be allowed to ride in the golf car.
  • Spectator cars are not allowed. Only official cars authorized by the Tournament Director will be allowed on the course.
  • Golf cars should not be taken from the car staging area until both players have arrived and are ready to play. It is imperative that all players return their carts to the cart staging area immediately upon completion of their round. Do not leave them at the various courses or their respective practice areas or parking lot.
  • It is imperative that all players return their cars to the staging area immediately upon completion of their round. Do not leave them at the various courses or their respective practice areas or parking lot.

Other Policies

  • Effective 1/1/2003, one of the following must be completed within two years prior to registering into the PGA Professional Golf Management Program:

    1. Pass the 36-hole Player's Ability Test or;
    2. Attempt the PAT at least twice within the two years prior to registering into the PGA PGM Program. Within that time frame, shoot one 18-hole score in a PAT that is equal to or less than the PAT target score for 18- holes, plus 5 strokes. Note: Each PAT score has a validity date of two years.

    The 36-hole PAT remains valid during the Acceptable Progress period. An individual who enters the PGA Professional Golf Management Program after achieving only option (b) above, must pass the 36-hole PAT prior registering for the Level 3 Checkpoint. For information on the PGA Professional Golf Managment Program, visit
  • There must be at least ten registrants in a PAT at the deadline in order for the PAT to be held.
  • Tee times are made available by the Section about ten days prior to the PAT on the Section web site or by mail. If you do not receive this listing, you should contact the Section Office.
  • A photo identification is required at the PAT site and lack of photo identification is cause for disqualification.
  • If allowed by both the Section and golf course, caddies are permitted. Only the player may ride in the golf car.
  • The use of alcohol is prohibited during play of the PAT.
  • For conduct unbecoming a golf professional during a PAT, an individual may be assessed a two stroke penalty. A second offense will result in disqualification. PAT participants are advised that actions determined by the PGA of America to be construed as conduct unbecoming a golf professional in any way connected with the PAT (without limitation unprofessional behavior displayed or unprofessional actions of any nature or description committed during practice rounds, the PAT test, or committed subsequent to the completion of a PAT) may result in the suspension of such an individual from participating in PATs for a period up to two (2) years at the sole discretion of the PGA of America.
  • To preserve the integrity of the game and our PGA competitions, please be reminded that each player has the duty and responsibility to protect the rest of the field from questionable practices and Rules infractions. If you are doubtful as to the rights or procedure for either yourself or a fellow competitor, seek the counsel of the PAT Examiner.
  • The PAT schedule and deadlines are subject to revision. For an updated schedule click here or call (888) 298-7391.
  • All deadlines are 5PM Eastern time. For any questions regarding PAT policies, contact the PGA Member Information Service Center at (800) 474-2776.

Rev. 6/28/2006