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PerformanceTrak in Cooperation with NGCOA is the largest single source of rounds played data in the industry. Primary contributors of this monthly data are PGA Professionals and NGCOA member along with other allied partners. This PerformanceTrak data is shared and combined with data from other industry contributors including Golf Datatech to prepare the National Rounds Played Report. Unique to PerformanceTrak, current year and prior year volume figures for monthly and year-to-date rounds played are provided along with percent change.

In addition to rounds played monthly data, PGA Professionals, employers and other registered users of PerformanceTrak also provide revenue data for four key performance indicators (KPIs). These include golf fee revenue, merchandising revenue, food and beverage revenue and total revenue. Comparative reports are generated for revenue per round with drill-down segmentation by facility size and by state, local markets and for PGA of America, by PGA Section.

NGCOA members may use the PGA PerformanceTrak service at no cost through the link below. Individual course data is maintained under the strictest security and password protection. The NGCOA and PGA of America maintain a number of security and reporting procedures to ensure that individual facility data is kept confidential. Data about a specific facility is not available to any users other than those at that specific facility.

PGA Professionals access the service here

PGA Professionals and existing PGA PerformanceTrak participants have the following options for accessing the service:

  • PGA Professionals who are highest ranked and additional PGA Professional users ("member proxies"), click here to login.
  • Additional non-member authorized users at PGA-staffed facilities, click here to begin.

NGCOA members register here

National Golf Course Owners of America members can register and login to the PGA PerformanceTrak starting page at the link below:

  • NGCOA members click here to access PerformanceTrak data input and reporting.

Military-related facilities register here

Registered users in the Military, including PGA Professionals at military-related facilities can access tailored PerformanceTrak reports. For questions or to gain registration, contact

  • Click here for PerformanceTrak reporting for the Armed Forces.

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