PGA PerformanceTrak


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are goals and benefits of PerformanceTrak?
A: At the inception of PerformanceTrak, The PGA accepted new responsibilities for collecting benchmark data from PGA Professionals through PGA Membership Services. This was supported by The PGA's ability to personalize the data collection process for the PGA Professional and each facility. Alliance relationships were formed by The PGA to include the NGCOA as a key partner. The primary inputs, rounds played, days closed and key revenue figures, are collected online through ID- and password-protected input screens. The PGA will also continue to share rounds played data for the national rounds played report. The PGA also generates a number of reports packages for rounds and revenues including a report package for NGCOA customers. The service is also at no cost to PGA Professionals, to NGCOA members or other authorized users, allowing facilities to participate without incurring any fee. Benefits starting in 2010 include a single request for information, a single input page and a single database for PerformanceTrak data, managed by the PerformanceTrak team at The PGA of America.

Q: How is the confidentiality of my facility's data protected during PerformanceTrak data entry and reporting?
A: The PGA is very deliberate with data security both at the time of input and for reporting. First, for data input: there is currently only one person defined for each facility is who is provided with access rights to enter and edit data for a facility. Our policy is to provide PGA PerformanceTrak data input access through PGALinks ID and password security access. The PGA's system then allows the highest ranking PGA Professional for each facility to enter data for that facility.

Second, for reporting: The PGA's policies for PGA PerformanceTrak reporting are that we will not report rounds or KPI data for any subset or segment of golf facilities where we have less than seven (7) responses. If there are seven or more responses, we'll provide the median responses or a calculated figure for median if there an even number of responses. If there are less than seven responses, for example for resort facilities with a specific geographical area (such as Section or State), then the data for that detailed segment will not be presented in current month or current quarter reporting for that segment. That data will however be included and reported at the next highest rollup contingent on meeting the threshold of a minimum of seven responses for that level of reporting.

Q: What is a round?
A: A round has been recently defined by the industry as a "start". So even if this was for less than 18 holes, or even less than 9 holes, that still represents a start. PGA PerformanceTrak will use the data you provide, so we request you remain consistent with your reporting methodology for defining rounds played.

Q: What are days closed?
A: We have defined that a closed day is where your course is closed due to poor climate conditions (hot, cold, rain, snow, wind, etc.) or due to regular maintenance practices (e.g., Mondays) or weather carryover (e.g., standing water). PGA PerformanceTrak days closed includes all days closed, including renovation efforts. Example: if your facility is closed 2 days for weather and 5 days for renovation projects, report 7 days closed for the month.

Q: What if I want to correct my rounds previously reported?
A: PGA PerformanceTrak provides that feature. You can revise or add prior data either during the next monthly cycle or during the month from a link within PGALinks. Updated data submitted after a monthly cutoff will still be used for year-to-date reporting.

Q: I want to participate in PGA PerformanceTrak but don't have last year's data, can I still participate?
A: Yes, simply provide the data points that you have for now. However, the quality of data will improve if you can submit all data points requested.

Q: Who submits the data?
A: The highest ranking PGA Professional at each PGA Golf Facility is the PGA Professional who will receive a monthly email for PGA PerformanceTrak. Proxies, or additional authorized users for each facility, may also submit and edit data for their facility.

Q: Who gets access to reports?
A: Access to summary reports is available on PGALinks to all PGA Professionals and additional authorized users. This includes all PGA PerformanceTrak rounds played and key performance indicator reports. There are additional benchmarking reports to PGA Professionals, Member Proxies and additional authorized users based on participation. Finally, for NGCOA participating member and their related facilities, there is a custom reporting package for Competitive Golf Marketplaces (CGMs) and rate sets. These reports require login and participation.

Q: Who can I contact for more information or technical questions?
A: Nicole Ferguson at the PGA of America at (561) 624-8574.